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Swing doors

Swing doors produced by Wisniowski company are the most frequently chosen doors in Poland

bramy uchylne Wiśniowski

Swing doors are the most popular type of garage doors on the market. Light structure and attractive price make the swing doors very popular with individual customers and developers.


  • door blade is made of galvanized steel sheet – Trapezoid T-10, which can be arranged vertically, horizontally and diagonally or made of perforated galvanised steel
  • frame parts are connected by screws
  • blade profiles are connected by means of special accessories
  • bar is connecting vertical and side tracks
  • spring system facilitates opening and closing of door blade
  • springs are protected in tubes



Simplicity and solid structure

Examples of swing doors patterns

Available colours of swing doors

Possibility of painting doors with any RAL colour.

Wood like colours

Swing doors available in automatic and manual versions

brama automatyczna

Depending on door size and available finances there are three versions of drives available for sectional and swing doors: Optimum 600, Optimum 800, and Optimum 1000. Each drive is compatible with other equipment. The same remote control unit can operate garage doors and fence gate.
Drive is supplied with integrated control box equipped with:

  • two remote control transmitters,
  • signalling diode lamp,
  • rail with gear rack (selection of rein is dependent of door’s height),
  • drive lock release inside the compartment.




  • Four channel transmitter,
  • Set of photocells (transmitter and receiver),
  • Stand-by power supply – in case of main power supply failure 24V battery supplies the power.
  • Wicket doors opening sensor – if wicket doors ordered,
  • Code lock,
  • Emergency lock release of the drive from outside – in case there is of no other entry it would be practical to install lock in the doors blade. Thanks to this, in emergency it would be possible to drive lock release from outside and open doors manually.
  • Automatic locking – locking system cooperating with OPTIMUM door drive. In the instance of door closing the door is automatically locked. This increases security and comfort of users,
  • GSM control system – used in combination with the drive enables to control the drive with mobile telephone.