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Self repairing rollup curtain ALUMINA

Certified product which is cheaper than stainless steel model

Alumina is the best and the cheapest solution for compartments with heavy traffic. Installation of this curtain is faster and much easier than of standard high speed rollup curtains. Transport costs are low as for of all readymade sets. Alumina curtain is designed for internal and external installation in compartments with intense traffic.

Flexible curtain returns to its original position in side guiding racks after impact. This way the costs of repairs and maintenance of curtain are reduced. The low flexible curtain edge is at the same time the safety edge of the curtain. Sliding system of the curtain ensures perfect insulation. Configuration of curtain glassing can be adapted to satisfy customer and site requirements.

Main features of electric installation:

  • High quality electronic equipment. Active light barrier installed in the side guide tracks ensures safety and correct curtain positioning.
  • “Plug and Play” system – after installating the curtain end clamping connections only setting of parameters in control console is required.
  • Components are produced according to European standards. Mechanical, electric and electronic parts produced in Europe by selected suppliers to guaranty better performance and reliability.
  • Simple installation of electronic panel facilitating control and setting of equipment and operation of the curtain.

Product characteristic features

  • Casing – door frames made of anodised aluminium
  • Wind load – Class 2
  • Opening speed up to 2m/s (adapted to the size of the door). Closing speed – up to 0,8 m/s (possible to adjust). Slowing down at start and stop – Gentle start and stop.
  • Curtain settings – Rotation limit switch or optic encoder for setting of curtain movement (depending on the configuration).
  • Control unit – electric inverter – Switch on and emergency switch off buttons are installed on the casing. Power supply single phase 230V. Operating functions, settings and adjustments via display and three button mechanisms. Automatic closing system. Control unit compatible with standard single-phase equipment.
  • Manual operation – with aid of long crank connected to the motor which enables manual operation of the curtain during power failures.
  • Protection – Active light curtain 2,5 m.
  • Curtain – Type ZIP with self repair function in case of hitting the curtain. Made of Polyester 900g/m².
  • One window section installed as standard.


Available colours

Requirements for mounting Alumina curtain