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Levelling dock with swivelling or telescopic lip

Dock leveller CASTLE was designed for installation (with welding) in traditional loading stations. It is delivered with electro-hydraulic dive system to be installed underneath the ramp or with multifunctional console. Structure of the dock leveller is compliant with standard EN 1398.

Delivery: a truck trailer and accommodate 4 leveller docks arranged in a stacks 550mm each. For transport purposes 150mm larger width than the actual leveller width should be adopted.
Total length:
for the levelling dock with swivelling lip: 100mm larger than platform length
for the levelling dock with telescopic lip: 30mm larger than platform length


Technical specification:

Leveller: is covered with non-slip surface and equipped with machine weld supports.
Length of swivelling lip: standard lip is 360mm and fully extending over dock edge; optionally 430mmg> 500 or 1000mm.
Length of telescopic lip: 500 or 1000mm.
Load bearing with concentrated load according to EN 1398: 6000kg (1000 kg with uniformly distributed load, but not on the ramp scope) optionally 9000kg (15000kg with uniformly distributed load – but not on ramp scope).
Finishing: ramp surface, after degreasing and phosphatising, is coated with two-component epoxy anticorrosion primer and two-component top coat of RAL 7005 and oven dried. Swivelling lips painted with red-orange colour RAL 2000.
Power supply and control:

  • electro-hydraulic three phase, 50Hz, 400V power supply system installed inside the dock, with push buttons control.
  • wall mount single phase, 50Hz, 230V electro-hydraulic console enabling safe, easy and economical maintenance, one command control or operation of several functions.

Using dock leveller with swivelling lip: issuing commands with one press button, lifting, lip opening at the highest position, lowering after button release.
Return to resting position: the same press button lifts and closes the lip; release the button before the leveller reaches the highest position, the leveller returns to the resting position.
Using telescopic lip: press button for lifting leveller, the leveller stops upon releasing press button. A button should be pressed for extension of lip, leveller lowering after releasing of press button. For return to resting position and lifting the leveller above dock level release button, press button for closing lip, release button, leveller is lowering to the resting position.
Side adjusting: according to standard EN 1398 the dock leveller is adjusting to vehicle inclination up to 3% of its width.
Working inclination: Maximum inclination allowed by standard EU 1398 is 12.5% however vehicles slide at this inclination. The largest inclination which transport means can conquer is 8% for forklifts and 4% for pallet jacks.

Additional equipment:

  • Wind seals: main hinge is equipped with this protection as standard. Side sealing available as optional equipment.
  • Rubber bumpers: bumpers of SUPER type constitute a part of readymade equipment – however bumpers for traditional docks for installation on plates by means of wall plugs need to be ordered.

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