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High speed rollup door RolliGO


Fast, safe, well designed, innovative.

brama RolliGO

Designed for internal and external installation for compartments with heavy traffic. Sliding system of the curtain ensures perfect insulation. Configuration of curtain glassing can be adjusted to satisfy customer and site requirements

Main features of electric installation:

  • Complete curtain electrical equipment.
  • Components are produced according to European standards. Mechanical, electric and electronic parts produced in Europe by selected suppliers to guaranty better performace and reliability.
  • Easy installation of electric console facilitating control and setting of equipment and operation of curtain.

Main features:

  • Casing – typically made of galvanized steel.
  • Wind load – Class 1.
  • Dimensions: Door opening up to 5000 x 5000mm.
  • Opening speed – 0,9 m/s.
  • Closing speed – 0,9m/s.
  • Motor – Three phase motor installed at the side of the curtain, powered with voltage 380V.
  • Curtain settings – Rotation limit switch.
  • Control unit – microprocessor control. Switch on and emergency switch off buttons are installed on the casing. Power supply 380V three phase. Choice of 10 operation modes including pedestrian mode. Integrated 2 channel radio.
  • Manual operation – with aid of long crank connected to the motor which enables manual operation of curtain during power failures.
  • Protection – photocells in the bottom lath – safety edge. Bottom lath made of elastic, unbreakable material.
  • Curtain – curtain blade with horizontal tube reinforcement. Made of Polyester 900g/m² with fire resistance properties according to standard UNE 23.727-90 Class M2. One window section installed as standard.

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Available colours

Requirements for mounting of RolliGO curtain