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bramy garażowe

Garage doors

We offer state of the art garage doors, and at the same time we are considering their attractive aesthetic appearance and operation safety.

bramy przemysłowe

Industrial doors

We offer a broad range of industrial doors designed for various purposes and with various characteristics to satisfy particular requirements of our customers.

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Folding doors

Folding doors are ideal solution for covering large openings in production halls. They are not only durable but also easy to operate and economical.

brama szybkobieżna

High speed doors

This type of doors was specially designed for hard working conditions. They are perfect solution for protection of industrial facilities from external environment conditions and noise.

Fire proof doors and gates

Innovative fire-proof sectional doors enabling saving of space on both sides of the doors without necessity of additional sectional or folding doors installation.

Reloading bay systems

We offer broad range of reloading bay systems such as reloading docks, dock levellers, dock shelters and many more.



We can offer a variety of electromechanical, automatic and hydraulic barriers.

Automat do bramy fidelity

Hydraulic drive for industrial doors

FIDELITY drive completely eliminates spring balance system which was replaced by exceptionally reliable and trouble free patented hydraulic system.

We manufacture doors according to designers’ specifications.

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About us

Why us?

How to find us?

About us

We are family company with vast experience in production of sectional doors. We started operation in early 90-ties of last century. Throughout the years we developed own production of doors, large warehouse with components for doors production, qualified and professional personnel and experienced technical service team. We have professional approach to the customer, vast experience, expertise, reliability - to name just a few of our virtues. As a company we are not standing still but we move with the times. We have vast experience in building/civil projects. We are recognized and appreciated in building industry. We can proudly present the references the largest Polish construction companies and public institutions. We are stable and reliable company.

Why us??

With our products we try to ensure maximum safety of their use, in accordance with current standards. The basis adopted by the company strategy is to meet customer needs and increase their satisfaction.

Our partners

We are authorised partners of many leading manufacturers on Polish market.
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